Adam Grafton serves as Speaker at Workers' Compensation Law Institute's Annual Seminar, October, 2010

By October 2, 2010 Articles

Adam Grafton was a speaker at the Workers' Compensation Law Institute's Annual Seminar in St. Simons Island, Georgia, on October 2, 2010.  As an experienced defense attorney representing a broad spectrum of employers, insurers and self-insurers, Adam spoke from that perspective regarding what is known in Workers' Compensation litigation as the "Maloney" issue.  Georgia's Supreme Court ruling, Maloney v. Gordon County Farms, has long been held to establish and clarify the burden of proof elements for a claimant seeking income benefits based on a change in condition following a workers' compensation injury and/or alleged workers' compensation injury.  Adam presented in conjunction with an Administrative Law Judge's perspective from the bench, along with another attorney representing a claimant's perspective.  Maloney stands for the proposition that when a claimant is capable of performing light duty work and is terminated for reasons unrelated to their job injury, he or she must demonstrate a diligent but unsuccessful search for suitable employment in order to carry their burden of proving an economic disability and entitlement to indemnity benefits.  Adam Grafton can be reached at 770-391-9100, ext. 3923, and is available to counsel you and your business (of any size) as it relates to Workers' Compensation issues in your workplace.