Jury Agrees Defendant was Not DUI in Gwinnett County Collision Case

By Wayne Tartline March 15, 2024 Articles

On February 29, 2024, Bovis, Kyle, Burch & Medlin attorney Wayne S. Tartline, working with Lueder Larkin & Hunter partner Hillary Shawkat, obtained a very favorable verdict for their client who had caused a significant rear-end collision with Plaintiffs’ vehicle in 2018, and who had been accused of driving under influence of marijuana at the time.  Read More

Bovis Kyle Attorneys Wayne Tartline and Edward Pankowski Obtain Defense-Friendly Verdict in Cobb County Traumatic Brain Injury Case

By Edward "Ward" Pankowski March 11, 2024 Articles

Bovis Kyle attorneys Wayne Tartline and Edward “Ward” Pankowski obtained a defense-friendly verdict following a two-day jury trial in Cobb County State Court. The trial was the culmination of a lawsuit that stemmed from a September 10, 2021, accident, in which the defendant was videotaped running a stop sign and striking the plaintiff’s vehicle, pushing that vehicle into a nearby building. Read More

March Madness Again ...

By Eric A. Ludwig and Timothy R. Bennett March 8, 2024 Articles

It’s late Friday afternoon. You are counting the minutes until 5:01 pm to head into the weekend to watch March Madness after a long week as an adjuster for ABC Insurance Co. You receive certified letter regarding a Plaintiff who was involved in a motor vehicle accident. You open the manila envelope and read “Plaintiff’s Offer of Settlement under O.C.G.A. § 9-11-68” to resolve Plaintiff’s claim against the Underinsured Motorist Carrier (“UM Carrier”). It says you must accept in 30 days or be responsible for attorney fees. Now, your concerns shift from contemplating whether UConn’s basketball team should be considered a “blue blood” program to whether the Plaintiff’s Offer of Settlement is effective as a matter of law. Read More

Attorneys Wayne Tartline and Ward Pankowski Obtain Defense Verdict In Habersham County House Fire Trial

By Wayne Tartline October 26, 2023 Articles

On October 25, 2023, Bovis Kyle Attorneys Wayne Tartline and Ward Pankowski obtained a defense verdict for their client in the Habersham County State Court in Clarkesville, Georgia.  The homeowner plaintiffs sued their long time HVAC contractor after a fire engulfed their home in November of 2017. Despite that the HVAC contractor had not done any work at the home in the approximately eighteen (18) months prior to the fire, the plaintiffs claimed that their work had caused the fire.  Plaintiffs’ expert electrical engineer quickly concluded that the fire was electrical in nature and was caused by poor workmanship by the defendant HVAC contractor.  Read More