BKBM Partners Contribute to the Electronic Payment Bond Deskbook

By John 'Jack' V. Burch, David A. Harris and Greg Veal June 5, 2023 Articles

The ABA TIPS Fidelity & Surety Law Committee has produced an excellent resource for surety claims handlers across the nation.  The Electronic Payment Bond Deskbook is available now.

This tool, free to download, comes complete with summaries and citations for federal Miller Act and all states’ common law and Little Miller Act statutes.  Bovis Kyle’s surety partners Jack Burch, David Harris, and Greg Veal were pleased to contribute the Georgia and South Carolina chapters.

Despite the commonalities of payment bond law nationwide, the variations can be critical.  For the simple answers, not requiring knowledgeable legal advice from a local lawyer, the Deskbook provides a quick overview and supporting authorities for the general principles.  It also provides some notice of the pitfalls and open questions, by jurisdiction, to help with issue spotting.  As with any point-in-time resource, the law subsequently may change, so checking currency will be important.  If the BKBM content raises any questions, reach out to any of our surety partners through the contact information on our website:  https://www.boviskyle.com/attorneys/