Defense-friendly Verdict in Cobb County, Georgia

By Wayne Tartline December 22, 2022 Articles

Firm Partners Wayne Tartline and Eric Connelly obtained a defense-friendly verdict in Cobb County Superior Court earlier this month, a success they have been working toward since 2015. 

A 2013 motor vehicle accident involved an elderly couple. The plaintiff described the accident as a “violent T-bone collision” and claimed over $75,000.00 in medical special damages - which included shoulder surgery alleged to be related to the collision. The plaintiff asked the jury for an award of $500,000.00 in damages at trial. 

With the use of accident reconstruction and medical experts, the defense was able to show that the collision was not as violent as alleged and that the medical conditions complained of were likely not related to the accident. 

The Cobb County jury awarded only $10,000, the amount requested by the defense in closing arguments – significantly less than what plaintiff had demanded, and even less than pre-trial offers to settle.

An extremely favorable result for Wayne and Eric’s client, who greatly benefited from their years of hard-fought litigation.