Winfield Pollidore Wins Custody Dispute that also allowed the Minor Child to move to Florida Plus Attorney’s Fees of $18,000

By October 24, 2016 News/Events/Seminars

Mr. Pollidore represented a mother who had no family in Georgia and intended to move back to Florida where her mother, father and other relatives resided. The mother also desired to have her minor child live with her in Florida. A bench trial was held in Fulton County to determine the custody arrangement for the child.

At trial, evidence was adduced that the father had, on several occasions, left the minor child home alone at 5:00 am so that he could go to the gym and one time at a hotel lobby in Florida because the mother was late to pick the minor child up so he could attend a social engagement. These instances prompted the minor child to elect to live with his mother. Prior to trial, because of these circumstances, Mr. Pollidore filed a motion for an in camera review of the minor child’s living circumstances. Following a successful trial in which custody of the minor child was awarded to the mother, the judge entered an award to the mother of attorney’s fees in the amount of $18,000.