Charles Medlin and Marilyn Kapaun Overturn a Guardian ad Litem Report in Favor of their Client

By May 5, 2022 News/Events/Seminars

While it is very difficult to overturn a Guardian ad Litem’s report in a custody case, Charles Medlin and Marilyn Kapaun did just that! Their client’s former spouse filed an action in an attempt to take custody away from their client. A Guardian was appointed who recommended that the opposing party first receive “more” custody and then receive “primary” custody of the parties’ children. Marilyn Kapaun argued that a material change in circumstances had not occurred, and thus a change of custody was not warranted. Charles Medlin argued the case in Forsyth County. Our BKBM attorneys prevailed, and Judge Dickinson stated that while the parties could agree on their own to a small change in parenting time, Judge Dickinson agreed with Marilyn and Charles’ arguments that no material change in circumstances had occurred since the parties’ divorce that warranted the opposing party receiving primary custody. A big win for BKBM Family Law and a significant and personal win for their very happy client!