A Great Job in Greene County, Georgia

By May 2, 2017 News/Events/Seminars

One would always like to believe that family is an unbreakable bond, but this proved not to be the case in a recent jury trial handled by attorneys Charles Medlin and Christina Gulas. With not just one but two family members suing their brother, our client saw first-hand that blood isn’t always thicker than water. Luckily, that didn’t mean he was on his own for this fight.

Our attorneys worked closely with expert witness Tom Vadnais to show that our client was not a negligent driver, as the Plaintiffs claimed, and that the accident in question was not one that could have been avoided. The sister in law, a passenger riding in the car, suffered significant injuries when the car crashed into a large tree that had fallen into the road shortly before the collision. What started as a demand for 4 to 5 million dollars resulted in a jury trial verdict in favor of our client.