Long-Term Care

Bovis, Kyle, Burch & Medlin attorneys defend skilled nursing and assisted living facilities in cases alleging malpractice.  Our attorneys are familiar with both standards of care and the myriad of regulatory and administrative considerations that regularly arise and intersect in such cases.  The firm routinely defends facilities in cases arising from facts patterns such as resident falls, pressure ulcers, malnourishment, and resident-to-resident assaults.  The firm’s practitioners in this challenging field draw upon concurrent experience from the medical malpractice arena to thoroughly assess medical causation issues and to formulate comprehensive defense approaches.  At the same time, our attorneys recognize the nuances that distinguish long-term care litigation from physician malpractice cases and carefully tailor the representation and defense approaches accordingly.  Our attorneys leave no stone unturned in aggressively defending this important segment of the health care system that is frequently misunderstood and underappreciated in a way that generates unreasonable criticisms.

In addition to defending facilities and their nursing staffs, the firm is often retained to defend ancillary service providers, such as physical and speech therapists.  Additionally, our attorneys defend home health care providers.