Product Liability

Solving Potential Product Problems

The product liability team at Bovis, Kyle, Burch & Medlin handles all aspects of product liability law.  We work closely with engineering departments, in-house legal departments, risk management departments, outside experts, and insurers for designers, manufacturers, importers, wholesalers, and retailers to develop a team approach to solve a potential product problem.  In addition to providing product safety advice, we assist clients in evaluating notice requirements and obligations to the Consumer Product Safety Commission and other regulatory bodies.  We help guide and conduct investigations, assist with reporting, and assist in the development and implementation of corrective action steps, including recalls, when necessary.

Once in litigation, the members of the product liability group routinely defend product liability actions throughout Georgia, the southeast, and the United States.  We also serve as National Coordinating Counsel and National Trial Counsel for various product manufacturers and importers.  The firm's members work closely with local counsel in states outside Georgia, and routinely are admitted pro hac vice.  To date, our attorneys have been admitted pro hac vice in 41 states. 

We work with our clients to understand all aspects of mechanical, electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, chemical, fire, explosion, gas, machinery or equipment issues that could possibly affect their product.

The attorneys at Bovis, Kyle, Burch & Medlin, LLC are conscious that product liability claims can be expensive to defend.  Therefore, we actively advise and participate in alternative dispute resolution at an early stage, on a case-by-case and client-by-client basis, provided that it is in the best interest of the client.

However, the firm recognizes that many times, both the product and the company need to be vigorously defended.  As litigators with a wealth of trial experience, we are proud to defend our clients and their products before juries, judges, or regulatory bodies.

Don’t hesitate to contact Bovis, Kyle, Burch & Medlin, LLC regarding any questions you have about product liability.  You can reach us online, or by calling (770) 391-9100.