Legal Malpractice

Bovis, Kyle, Burch & Medlin, LLC proudly represents the profession of law by defending all type of attorneys in all areas of the practice.  For example, our lawyers defend malpractice and other civil claims brought against all types of attorneys and arising out of all types of underlying matters.  This practice includes getting involved in potential legal malpractice claims at the earliest stages of the dispute and assisting in efforts to mitigate or reverse the mistake and often avoid a claim altogether.  Our attorneys have represented all types of attorneys, including all types of civil and criminal litigators, trust and estate attorneys, family law attorneys, and corporate and real estate transaction attorneys.  Additionally, our attorneys have defended other attorneys in claims brought against them by litigants for sanctions on matters such as abusive or frivolous litigation.

Our attorneys have extensive experience defending attorneys in bar complaints in order to protect their livelihood and reputations that go with their law licenses.  We have assisted attorneys in getting bar complaints dismissed at the earliest stages of the process.  When necessary, we have tried the grievance before a special master in order to protect our client. 

Our attorneys are called upon by attorney clients to provide written ethics options, assist in conflict letters, or provide other specific ethical or risk management advice to attorneys and their law firms.  Our attorneys have also represented attorneys in law firm dissolutions and claims between and among members of the same firm. 

Our attorneys are also frequently published and speakers at continuing legal education seminars on the subjects of legal ethics, professionalism, lawyer liability and risk management, abusive litigation, and legal malpractice issues.  The head of our group, Kim Jackson, is co-chairperson of the Georgia ICLE seminars on Abusive Litigation and the State Bar of Georgia’s Professional Liability Group’s CLE on legal malpractice.