Professional Liability

The Firm’s Professional Liability Group aggressively defends the reputation of professionals and their organizations in numerous fields.  Lawyers in the Professional Liability Group at Bovis, Kyle, Burch & Medlin, LLC have defended professionals in malpractice claims by clients, third-party liability claims by non-clients, and protected those professionals’ licenses before the their respective state boards.  Among the broad range of professionals represented by members of the law firm include attorneys (see the Legal Malpractice group), mental health professionals, pharmacists, accountants, design professionals such as architects, engineers, surveyors, appraisers, real estate agents and brokers, title agents, title examiners, mortgage brokers, insurance agents, social workers, adoption placement agents, and more. 

Many of these professionals have unique risks and are covered by uniquely drafted insurance policies.  The professional liability team is experienced in these matters and in adapting to the unique risks of each profession.  The Professional Liability Group stands ready to aggressively defend any type of professional regardless of the complexity of the case and the specific services they provide.