Mediation Process

How Our Mediators Facilitate Win-Win Agreements

Bovis Kyle Mediation provides alternative dispute resolution services to clients in the Atlanta-metro area, the Southeast region and throughout the country.  The mediation centeris part of Bovis, Kyle, Burch & Medlin, LLC, a law firm with a 50-year history.

In the 1980s, the attorneys at Bovis, Kyle, Burch & Medlin, LLC recognized the benefits of mediation to successfully settle disputes.  So, we began applying our substantial legal knowledge and negotiating skills to facilitate win-win agreements between parties.  Our mediators are leaders in fulfilling this important need and, in fact, we began offering mediation services  even before the state of Georgia developed its mediation program.  Our law office in Atlanta now includes a well-equipped mediation facility specially designed to promote the negotiation process.

Benefits of Mediation

Whether the case involves family members, employees, insurance policy holders or business associates, mediation is an effective method of resolving complex disputes. Potential benefits of mediation include:

  • Lowering the costs of dispute resolution
  • Expediting the resolution to a dispute
  • Inspiring the spirit of cooperation — especially important in custody issues
  • Preserving relationships — such as important business ties
  • Protecting the privacy of the parties involved
  • Giving parties greater control over the proceedings
  • Reducing stress associated with litigation
  • Creating a binding mutual agreement between the parties

How the Mediation Process Works

Typically, parties voluntarily agree to enter mediation to resolve a dispute.  However, the court may also order parties to attend mediation.  In either case, a settlement is entirely voluntary and the parties can resume litigation if they fail to reach an agreement.

Mediation may be concluded during a single mediation session, or the process may consist of a series of sessions over several days to resolve more complicated legal issues.  Throughout a session, the mediator alternately meets with both parties at one table and then meets with each party and his/her attorney in private.  The mediator’s goal is to discover common grounds and to determine acceptable solutions to the issues in dispute.  At the end of mediation, the parties enter into a consent agreement that incorporates the terms decided upon during negotiations.

Mediation works because the process is:

  • Impartial — A mediator remains an unbiased, neutral party.
  • Confidential — The mediator is barred from disclosing information released during mediation.
  • A negotiation — The mediator is tasked with guiding the parties toward a mutually favorable outcome.
  • Separate from litigation — If no agreement is reached, the information discussed at mediation is not allowed to be introduced in litigation.
  • Controlled by the parties — Ultimately, the mediator is not the decision-maker, but rather the parties decide the terms of their agreement.

Types of Mediation

Mediation can be used to resolve a variety of conflicts.  Bovis Kyle Mediation handles a broad scope of civil and business matters, including these primary practice areas:

  • Commercial disputes
  • Construction Issues
  • Contract Disputes
  • Family Law
  • Fidelity
  • Employment Disputes
  • Insurance Coverage
  • Personal Injury
  • Professional Liability
  • Products Liability
  • Surety
  • Trucking
  • Workers’ Compensation

Consult with Bovis Kyle About Your Mediation Options

Bovis Kyle Mediation is happy to discuss the mediation process with attorneys and disputing parties.  Call the law firm Bovis, Kyle, Burch & Medlin, LLC at 770-391-9100 or contact us online  to learn more about mediation or to schedule a session.