Domestic Violence

Advocating for Our Clients’ Safety

The BKBM Family Law attorneys are experienced in obtaining Temporary Protective Orders in cases of domestic violence.  For clients who are victims of domestic violence, our attorneys can help assess the appropriate course of action including filing an action for Relief from Family Violence to obtain a Temporary Protective Order.  BKBM attorneys are strong advocates for the safety of our clients, their children and their property.  

Eligibility for a Temporary Restraining Order

If a client reports to us that he or she is being threatened physically by a spouse or significant other, we may recommend an appropriate safety plan including requesting a Temporary Restraining Order, taking precautions for escape, self-protection and safety, and contacting the police.  A Temporary Restraining Order is meant to protect an individual from the imminent threat of bodily harm and may be entered on an emergency basis.  The Temporary Restraining Order may also include emergency orders to protect children and property and may award child support and alimony on an emergency basis.  To obtain a Temporary Restraining Order, an individual must file a petition with the court and participate in an emergency hearing.  Temporary Restraining Orders may be extended to twelve months in duration and sometimes become permanent after further hearings before the court.  BKBM attorneys are experienced in guiding clients through this difficult process and protecting clients’ safety. 

A Temporary Restraining Order to protect from domestic violence is only granted in cases where clients are in fear for their safety and need the protection of the court.  Some factors that the court will consider in determining the need for a Temporary Restraining Order include:

  • Imminent threat of physical violence
  • History of physical violence including past and present injuries
  • History of alcohol abuse or drug abuse
  • History of destruction of property
  • History of threats to harm others or themselves
  • Criminal history of either party
  • Mental health history of either party
  • Weapons in the home or in possession of either party

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