Fidelity/Probate and Fiduciary

Bovis, Kyle, Burch & Medlin, LLC has been involved in estate litigation including defending commercial surety clients before the probate courts in Georgia for more than 30 years. These services include claims for and against executors, trustees, administrators, personal representatives, guardians, conservators, and other fiduciaries. While we typically defend corporate insurers who issue bonds for these fiduciaries, our reputation and experience has motivated other types of clients to retain our services. We have experience in handling forensic accounting and reviews to effectively demonstrate the receipt and ultimate use of estate resources in courtroom settings. The firm's services have been provided not just in litigation forums but for consultation and advice with respect to fulfillment of the duties required of fiduciaries to avoid or respond to potential litigation.

David Harris is responsible for oversight of most of the firm's work in estate litigation matters with assistance from the other firm attorneys handling surety and fidelity litigation--Jack Burch, Greg Veal and Randy Bryant. With respect to fulfillment of duties and handling fiduciary responsibilities, we have the benefit of insight and experience of Wes Skinner and through their complimentary skills and experience in negotiating and drafting wills and trust instruments. These attorneys have served as administrators, executors, and trustees--and have testified as expert witnesses in estate litigation. When necessary for forensic accounting and presentation of complex financial issues, our in-house CPA, Robert Mastin , helps identify and develop evidence and its presentation. At times and when appropriate the firm has relationships with several competent consulting firms for expert services in these matters

Firm partners and associates in these areas are frequently authors and speakers at seminars and continuing legal education presentations--including annual participation in the State Bar's "Hot Topics in Guardianships," as well as the DeKalb Bar Association, the Gwinnett Bar Association, and an annual Atlanta Bar association Estate Planning and Practice presentation.

The advantage of having ten or more experienced attorneys in these areas of practice on a regular basis gives our clients the benefit of efficient and flexible service on matters of any size. While most matters need only one attorney for resolution, the number of attorneys we have with experience in these areas allows us to efficiently confront larger cases due to the years of teamwork we have enjoyed together. Knowing the complexity of estate and fiduciary issues and disputes we face, we also select our support staff with care and knowledge.

Your benefit in all these areas is cost-effective service. Instead of teasing rate quotes, your bottom-line is a constant concern for each file. When our involvement offers little chance of improving your final outcome/result, we advise clients accordingly. Usually our experience and understanding of the law will generate ideas or approaches that can improve your total picture, including end result and expense.

This combination of experience and focus on cost-effectiveness frequently generates outcomes that exceed your expectations. Because we know most of the Probate judges, their staffs, county fiduciaries, and court appointed guardians ad litem, we work well with participants who are involved in claims with clients. Further, we are able to draw on the other expertise within our firm(such as accounting, corporate transactions, governmental, etc.) when that knowledge would be helpful. Bovis, Kyle and Burch LLC stands ready to assist you when your legal issues involving estates and fiduciaries would benefit from our firm’s perspective and philosophy.